Installation Guidelines:

Sketch the route to install the piping. Measure the distance from where you tap into the main line to the drain to approximation the amount of pipe needed. Count the type and number of fittings. Remember: At the drain opening, use a closet elbow for the connection to the main drain. The amount of work required depends on where you install the toilet. Look at the location and run of the existing drain-waste-vent system, and try to plan your toilet drain installation consequently.

Endeavor to locate the toilet drain to minimize as much work as possible. Whether you work with polyvinyl chloride or cast iron, you support the pipe before you cut into the existing drain-waste-vent system.

Toilet services from Liberty Street Plumbing and Heating include toilet repair and toilet installation. We can help you with any sized project, from fixing a leaky toilet to helping with a whole bathroom remodel.

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